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Word Alchemy is both  my personal site & my creative portfolio. Some of these cyber pages hold my personal work. Others are a place to give expression to my ideas and feelings about writing as a dynamic process.

For me, this process is both about communication and also about transformation. Writing is a means to communicate on many levels. Going beyond ideas, it also holds within it feelings--emotional and physical. Anger, love, joy, anguish, anxiety find their way out of us, into our words, and out again to those who read our words. A writer can evoke the grit of sand or the heat of a desert sun. A writer can plunge us into deep water, and leave us tight-chested and trapped in suffocating pressure, keenly aware of the struggle against dying. Or a writer can plunge us into an experience of exaltant freedom as we glide through that cool and watery world. Words can awaken our sexuality or stimulate our senses. They can caress our skin with lingering fingers. They can fill the air with the warm, acrid pungence of decayed  leaves and wet soil clumped to seedlings freshly dug from the spring ground. Words can recall memories and re-embody those memories, for writer and reader alike. Writing can even get under our skin, traveling through our psyche, inviting us to discover subtle realms within our being.

As writers and readers, we can range outward to discover new experiences in the world at large. And we can journey within, coming to terms with our own beliefs and truths and subtle self-deceptions. We find the words that communicate our ideas and our stories, and in that process we put form and shape to the variety of our experiences, be those experiences physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or psyche.

The more we open ourselves to self-exploration, and the more we seek of the world around us, the more we grow and flow. It's sometimes subtle, and sometimes jarring, but in these moments of self-awareness and through these explorations of experience, perspective and ideas, we transform. It's an exciting process for both writers and readers alike.

I am passionate about writing. For me, it's more than a practical or creative process. It's a personal expression. As a creative consultant, editor, and collaborative writer, I share that passion with clients, as can be found by going to my Word Warrior web site at

And always, I share that passion with anyone who relates to the pleasure and power of  words, whether as a reader or as another writer. For any who wish to explore it, this is my site
--my place to express the strength and grace of writing, my place to explore writing as a very personal process of communication and transformation.   

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